There is hardly a locksmith in the world without knowledge with regard to this invention!

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Tips for hiring a locksmith

There is an online trick where the person who appears on your door is not the one you hired.

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Fireproof Safes

All safes are blastproof, but some of them are resistant to the impact of fire – they are called “fireproof”.

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Two into one – a car key and alcohol tester

Japanese companies Honda and Hitachi developed a car key...

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When to change the keys?

It is better if the measures are taken in advance and we solve the problem before it becomes a disaster.

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Silencers for car alarms

Most modern vehicles allow drivers to lock them centrally...

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Alarm security system or double door

According to most experts in the industry, the alarm security system (SOT) in Bulgaria is absolutely meaningless.

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Main and additional locks

What do we need to know about different types of locks? The locks can be divided into two types – main and additional.

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