Fireproof Safes

Categories: Keys, Locks

All safes are blastproof, but some of them are resistant to the impact of fire – they are called “fireproof”.

The burglary resistance is determined by the number of resistance units Es obtained by drilling the frame with a partial (penetration through a standard template hole up to 300 by 300 mm) or full access (penetration through a hole in a standard larger size template or opening the door to a minimum width of 300 mm).

Very often vendors mislead consumers by attributing to all safes burglar-resistant and fireproof properties. In fact, to provide fire protection can only safe, which is certified and has a certificate for it. Safes holding both certificates (for burglary and fire resistance) are in fact rare and quite expensive. In addition, the provision of burglary and fire resistance is achieved in virtually opposite ways so that the basic combination that is encountered is Class I and 60 minutes (fire resistance).

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