Tips for hiring a locksmith

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There is an online trick where the person who appears on your door is not the one you hired.

“My wife and I wondered who was in our house?” Said Ivan (the names were changed). “You almost feel as if you’ve been robbed. I had the feeling someone was illegal in our house. ”

Ivan thought he had hired a company to repair the locks in his home.

Interviewer: “You searched on Google and clicked on a link that looked like a Locksmith, but was not it?”
Ivan: “That’s right.”

The person who came to the call did not have a license card, and subsequently received three times the amount previously announced for the service.

When hiring an expert locksmith, you should keep in mind the following:

– Check that the address on the website is real.
– When the locksmith arrives, ask for your license card to show – in Bulgaria it is called Master Certificate and has the size of an ID card. The master testimony must always be available at the locksmith.
– You do not have to pay or sign before the service is completed.


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